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Nursery charges

Early Years Charging Rates 2017/ 2018

The charges for early year’s provision will vary according to family circumstances. The nursery will clarify the charging rate applicable to you. 



All charges, including those for meals and snacks are subject to annual review and any changes will be notified to parents/carers by Yvonne- Head of Centre.


For enquires about invoices or charges please contact:

0141 287 0300Invoice Payment Line :



3 to 5 year old- 16 hours FREE statutory provision


New Charging Rates for 2018/19


Standard Rate £4.00
Discounted rate £3.00
Resident second child rate £2.20
Resident third child rate £1.70
Resident reduced rate £1.00


The discounted rate of £3.00 per hour is available for all Glasgow residents and will be applied from the start of the new term in August 2018.


Lunch and Snacks


£1.52 per meal
Snacks £0.26 per snack